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If you want to meet us, you will find us at the Marmo+Mac in september.


If you are looking about information on the SPECTRUM 3D Scanner that we deal and sell for RangeVision, you can go to this page: scanner3d.tecnoprogramsrl.it

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TECNO PROGRAM was founded in Tuscany (Poggibonsi, Siena) in 1997. The company initially provided support and training services for CNC machines, than it started to resell and distribute CAD/CAM systems and softwares.
Tecno Program's technicians noticed the increasing need of customized products in the field, so they decided to start designing and developing their own CAD/CAM softwares.

Today TECNO PROGRAM is one of the few italian software-houses that continues this kind of developing, since the majority of CAD/CAM products on the market are imported from abroad and than resold by italian companies.

Besides the production of proprietary softwares - mainly under the PEGASUS CAD-CAM brand - TECNO PROGRAM provides CNC programming expertise and courses, and it deals and resells collateral products and technologies, such as 3D scanners or other cutom softwares.

Since the beginning, customer satisfaction has been TECNO PROGRAM's main goal: the company provides a high-quality and attentive support by a detailed analysis of customers' production needs. Thanks to a professional and experienced group of technicians the company can furnish personalized applications and solutions.


PEGASUS CAD-CAM is the software for the CNC machines programming produced and developed by Tecno Program.
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SPECTRUM is the new high resolution 3D scanner based on the structured light technology that Tecno Program deals and resells in Italy for RangeVision.
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In addition to the production of proprietary software under the Pegasus brand and besides the reselling of collateral products - such as the SPECTRUM 3D scanner by RangeVision - , Tecno Program provides many services:


Our headquarters are at the following address (check the map below):
S.S. Cassia Nord - Località Drove, 2
53036 Poggibonsi (SI)

You can reach us by phone at +39 0577 1910523 or send us a fax at +39 178 2717464.
You can mail us to info@tecnoprogramsrl.it and send us certified e-mails to tecnoprogramsrl@pec.it


If you need support for one of our products, first of all send a mail to support@tecnoprogramsrl.it: our technicians solve our customers' problems following the incoming emails order.
Only as a secondary step we contact the customer by phone or by skype.

If you are interested in buying one of our products you can mail us at the address sales@tecnoprogramsrl.it.